Pre-Event Planning Meeting

The Pre-Event Planning (PREP) Meeting is designed to help the hosting organization to have a successful event.

A PREP Meeting may be deemed necessary if any of the following circumstances are met:

  • The organization has sanctions placed on it from a previous event.

  • The organization experienced issues or reported concerns at a previous event, but no sanctions were placed on the group.

  • The event is of a complex nature, and would benefit from additional event planning coordination and advisement.

  • The event is a first time event.

  • The organization is a first time renter or is utilizing a different venue than what it has previously.

  • If the organization is under new leadership.

If a PREP Meeting is deemed necessary by CCI, the Event Contact will be notified.

PREP Meeting attendees will vary for each event, but may include:  the Major Events Advisor, University Productions representative, University Productions Technical Staff, SOAS representative, MUTO Box Office Coordinator, and/or University Police officers.

The Event Contact is allowed to bring additional representatives from their organization that are familiar with and working on the event.  The student organization’s advisor is also welcome to attend.

The Event Contact should be prepared to discuss the show format, technical needs, rehearsal schedules, and all event details.

Failure of the Event Contact to attend a PREP Meeting may result in sanctions being placed on the organization, with the severest penalty being cancellation of the event.  Depending upon the time frame of the event, the PREP Meeting may be re-scheduled at the discretion of CCI.