Campus Involvement

Join CCI and hundreds of student organizations for virtual Festifall, the largest gathering of student organizations at the University of Michigan! Our campus recognizes over 1,600 student organizations, so there are bound to be a few that interest you!

Festifall 2020 is LIVE - Start exploring student organizations today! 


Festifall Details

Festifall Day 1 | August 30, 2020 | 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. EDT

  • Maize Session Student Org Categories: 

    • Activism, Environmental, Governance, Graduate/Professional Students, Service/Service Learning

  • Blue Session Student Org Categories: 

    • Academic/Honor Societies, Engineering/Science/Technology, Entrepreneurship, 

Festifall Day 2 | September 4, 2020 | 2:00-6:00 p.m. EDT

  • Maize Session Student Org Categories:

    • Creative/Performing Arts, Health & Wellness, Sports Clubs and Recreation

  • Blue Session Student Org Categories:

    • Cultural/Ethnic, Gender/Sexuality, Media/Journalism/Creative Writing, Religious/Spiritual, Social Fraternity/Sorority

Before You Go

Festifall is an exciting, fast-paced event where you’ll get the chance to visit virtually with several student organizations and departments! To help you make the most of your time, we recommend a few quick steps in preparation for attending Festifall.

  • Check out Maize Pages. Maize Pages is our student org directory, where you can search all of the 1600+ student organizations here at UM and find out more about who you might meet at Festifall. Check out our video tutorial to learn how to navigate Maize Pages! 

  • Browse the Participating Organizations List. Student Orgs participating in Festifall will be available for one of the two days of the Fest. Check the list to see which day the org(s) you want to visit will be holding a table!

    • You can “star” and select organizations to look at later starting on August 24th.

    • Not able to make it that day? Not seeing the org you want to meet? That’s okay! Check the org’s Maize Pages profile to get in touch outside of Festifall!

Accessing Festifall

Festifall is a virtual experience, which you can participate in from wherever you are. Attending Festfall is as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1. Go to the Career Fair Plus website

Step 2. Enter the “fair” at any point during Festifall times.

Step 3. Visit virtual booths to meet student organizations!

When you click on the “Access Festifall” link, this is the page you will see. Select the fair that you want to access, and click!

Click on organization profiles to read more about the organization, see social media and video links, and more. You can click on the “Drop-in Link” to join a video call with representatives from the organization during the event!

This is what the video drop-in rooms will look like! You can mute your video and audio, chat with student org representatives, and more!

Accessing Festifall - Video Walkthrough

Searching for Orgs

Each fair has between 150-180 student organizations. It can be a lot to process, so here are some tips on searching for organizations!

  • Use the filters! There are several filters you can apply to narrow your search, including:

    • Primary Category

    • Secondary Category

    • Time Commitment (Hours per week)

    • Organization Size

    • Dues Requirement

    • Selection/Audition/Interview Process

    • Academic Year of Members 

    • Schools and Colleges

  • Utilize keywords! If you have a good idea of the specific type of activity you’re interested in, type it into the search bar and the platform will search organization names and descriptions! For example, if you’re interested in singing, you can type in “singing”, and watch the results narrow for you!

  • Use a combination of both!

  • Make sure to “favorite” the orgs you definitely want to visit!

You can apply filters and type in keywords to help narrow down the search results so you don’t have to scroll through all the organizations. Over 650 organizations are participating in Festifall this year, so this will really help you find organizations that interest you efficiently! Make sure you click the “Star” next to organization profiles you want to connect with, since those will save in your “Favorites” section!

Navigating Festifall - Video Walkthrough

Tips for Festifall

  • Before you go, check out our Virtual Festifall Checklist! (Also available at the bottom of this page!)

  • Buddy Up! If you live with a roommate or friend, consider sharing a screen and exploring Festifall together. Having moral support in the form of a Fest friend can help make it easier to jump into conversations!

  •  All of the fairs will be accessible starting on August 24th, do some initial exploring and identify organizations you are really interested in prior to the actual fair dates! That way, you can maximize your time having conversations with student org leaders on the actual dates instead of using all your time searching for organizations!

  • Ask if organizations you’re interested in joining have interest forms! So you met a great organization that aligns with your interests and you’re excited to join… Now what? Make sure to ask if there’s an email list or other ways to keep in touch.

  • Camera shy? That’s okay! You can disable your camera (or participate without one entirely!) and use the audio or chat features instead!

  • Use the search feature (how-to above!) to find the orgs you

  • Make sure to visit the “Center for Campus Involvement” table to learn about all the other ways to get involved on campus.  

  • Visit the “Help Desk” tables if you have no idea where to start!

Questions you might want ask at Festifall

  • How much time do your general members spend each week focusing on your student org?

  • Is it possible to join your organization if I’m learning remotely or not living on campus?

  • If you do charge dues, how much are they per semester? Do you have a process to accommodate for those who aren’t able to pay those dues?

  • If you have a selection/interview/audition process, can you tell me more about what that entails?

  • What are next steps? Is there an email list that I can sign up for, or a virtual first meeting that I can attend?

Festifall Checklist

Festifall Check List: Browse Maize Pages before the event Double-check your timezone (Festifall times are listed in Eastern Time!) Ask questions (you can even prepare questions ahead of time!) When you find an interesting or, join their email list!