Campus Involvement

The application for Festifall 2021 is now closed. Student organizations that have been approved to participate in Festifall 2021 will be sent their specific date and table assignments by 8/20/2021.


Festifall 2021 will be hosted over 3 days on both North and Central campuses in order to make the event less overwhelming and more accessible.

  • Festifall-North | Tuesday, August 31st | 5-8pm | Gerstacker Grove. 

  • Festifall-Central | Wednesday, September 1st and Thursday, September 2nd | 5-8pm | Diag and Ingalls Mall.


Student organizations will be charged $30 to their SOAS shortcode to participate in Festifall this year. 

What You'll Get:

Every organization will have a 6ft rectangular table and 2 chairs. For those participating in Festifall-North, you may bring larger materials for display, as each organization will have roughly 8 ft of space between them and other organizations. For those participating in Festifall-Central, all of your materials must fit on your table.

Arriving and Checking In:

When you arrive at Festifall 2021, all you need to do is find your assigned table and start setting up! We will come around and check you in. A map with your table location will be provided when you receive your session and table assignment email. Organizations may start setting up their tables at 4:30pm.

Departing Festifall:

Once your organization has wrapped up, please make sure to take all of your materials with you. If we find that your organization has left materials on your table, you will be charged a $75 misuse fee to your SOAS shortcode.


We have taken steps to make Festifall a safe experience with respect to COVID-19. Some measures include:

  • De-densifying the event and spreading out over three days
  • Spacing organization tables at least 6ft apart and greatly increasing the square footage of the space to allow distancing
  • Hosting the entire program outdoors

Additionally, we highly recommend that all participants wear a face covering for the duration of the program.

Please check the list of Festifall Rules and Policies! 


What should my org bring to Festifall?

Lots of orgs will bring a poster or some sort of display that highlights the organization, as well as any special awards/trophies/etc that your org may have. Additionally, having both a paper sign-up sheet and/or a flyer with a QR code that links to an interest form where interested individuals can sign up for more updates. Tablecloths always make things look neat and tidy as well!

Can we pass out food or drinks?

Any food/beverage needs to be individually packaged. For example, handing out individual slices of pizza is not OK, but individually packaged granola bars are fine.

Do we have to stay the whole time?

We strongly recommend that your org has a representative at your table for the duration of the program, as you never know when interested individuals will arrive!

Will we have access to electricity? 

No - organizations will not have power access for Festifall.

Can we play music over a speaker, use microphones/megaphones, etc?

No - amplified sound is not permitted at Festifall. 

What if it rains?

Please prep for rain - just in case. Festifall is a rain-or-shine event. If the weather is untenable, the event will be cancelled. 

What kind of info should we have ready?

In addition to a quick, 15-30 second "elevator pitch" that outlines your organization, some common questions you may want to be prepared to answer include:

  • Is there an audition/interview/tryout process?
  • What is the time commitment for the org like? 
  • How many members are there in the org?
  • Where can I find more information?