Student Organization Resource Contact List

This is a quick reference list for your to find offices that your organization may come into contact with regularly. If you feel others should be added, please contact the Center for Campus Involvement at [email protected].


Center for Campus Involvement

  • 2205 Michigan Union

  • (734) 763-5900


  • [email protected]

  • The Center for Campus Involvement is a dynamic, student-focused department that serves undergraduate and graduate students campus wide through its programs and student organization support. Through meaningful involvement, the Center creates transformative experiences, a vibrant community, and lifelong memories for University of Michigan students.

Student Organization Account Services (SOAS)

  • 2400 Michigan Union

  • (723) 763-5767


  • [email protected]

  • The primary purpose of Student Organization Accounts Service (SOAS) is to serve registered student organizations. Each SOAS representative is committed to assisting you with your organization’s financial activities and responsibilities. Our services are similar to those you might find at any financial institution, except we not only want to assist you, but educate you as well.

Student Organization Resource Center (SORC)

  • 4015 Michigan Union

  • (734) 764-0436


  • [email protected]

  • The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) provides low-cost publicity resources to University of Michigan student organizations and departments. They also offer a copying and faxing at low cost to the campus community, as well as access to Campus Computing Sites computers and printers. In addition to publicity resources and office equipment, SORC offers a wide variety of balloons for campus events.

Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO)

  • Ground Floor, Michigan Union

  • (734) 763-8587


  • Whether you're a student group, an independent promoter or an established organization, MUTO has the box office resources and experience to make your event a success! MUTO is a convenient stop for your Ann Arbor transportation needs since they handle sales for the AATA. Also, because students are offered football tickets at a discounted rate, only students with a valid MCard can use a student ticket. A student ticket must be validated for anyone without an MCard to enter the stadium.

Student Theater Arts Complex (STAC)

  • 1202 Kipke Drive

  • (734) 764-7585


  • The Student Theatre Arts Complex, or STAC, is a facility dedicated to the support of co-curricular student theatrical and performance organizations. It consists of a scenery shop and costume shop, as well as three rehearsal spaces with a piano in each. Student groups renting the facility receive technical support, access to tools and materials, use of stock scenery, drafting facilities and other resources.

Central Student Government (CSG)

  • 3909 Michigan Union

  • (734) 763-3241


  • [email protected]

  • The Michigan Student Assembly (MSA) is the central student government at the University of Michigan, representing students from every school and college.

Arts at Michigan

  • 1100 LSA Building

  • (734) 764-6413


  • Arts at Michigan works to integrate the visual, performing, and literary arts into the undergraduate experience at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus. Programs include Welcome Week’s Artscapade and grants to support the incorporation of arts events into the curriculum, residence hall living, and student organization activities. The office also operates Arts Info, a weekly email of arts activities.

College of Engineering – Office of Student Affairs

  • 143 Chrysler Center

  • (734) 647-7098


  • The Office of Student Affairs enhances and supports the academic mission of the College of Engineering and the University. Student development and student services, with an emphasis on building alliances between the classroom and other aspects of campus life, are our mission. Through a myriad of services, programs and activities, we support and encourage the intellectual, vocational, personal, social and cultural development of our students.

The Ginsberg Center for Community Service and Learning

  • 1024 Hill Street

  • (734) 647-7402


  • [email protected]

  • The Ginsberg Center's mission is to engage students, faculty, and community members in learning together through community service and civic participation in a diverse democratic society. The Ginsberg Center is home to several community service and learning programs, the oldest of which was founded 40 years ago. About 1700 students participate annually through Ginsberg programs in Michigan communities, nationwide, and abroad.

Intergroup Relations (IGR)

  • 1214 S. University Ave, 2nd Flr, Suite B

  • (734)936-1875


  • The Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) is a social justice education program at the University of Michigan. Since 1988, we have been engaging students, faculty, and staff to proactively learn about the complexities of living in a multicultural society. Through academic courses, workshops, research, resources and outreach, we provide opportunities for both the U-M campus and the general community to explore issues of intergroup relations, explicitly focusing on the relationship between social conflict and social justice.

Office of Student Conflict Resolution

  • 100 Student Activities Building515 East Jefferson

  • (734) 936-6308


  • The Office of Student Conflict Resolution promotes a safe and scholarly community in which students navigate conflict in a peaceful, socially just, and self-reflexive manner. OSCR offers a spectrum of conflict resolution pathways that are educationally focused, student-driven, community owned, and restorative in nature, which are adaptable to meet the needs of individuals experiencing conflict.

International Center

  • West Quad, 603 E Madison

  • (734) 764-9310


  • [email protected]

  • The International Center provides services and programs for international students, scholars, faculty, their families and domestic students interested in studying or working abroad, on campus and in the community. Services and programs include new student orientation for international students, assisting with cultural adjustment issues, advising on immigration matters, hiring foreign faculty, helping to plan overseas travel for work or  study, coordination of international visitors, Peace Corps Program and a health insurance program for international students and scholars.

Office of Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA)

  • 2204 Michigan Union

  • (734) 763-9044


  • [email protected]

  • MESA is an active partner in the development of students of color – addressing racial/ethnic identity development, cross-cultural competency and personal empowerment. MESA also exists to promote and sustain a sense of community and involvement for students, particularly students of color.

Trotter Multicultural Center (TMC)

  • 1443 Washtenaw Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104

  • (734)763-3670


  • [email protected]

  • Trotter works to promote a campus and community environment in which all students can prosper academically and socially. Trotter also exists o promote and provide services to build a supportive environment in which all students can develop a better understanding and appreciation for the Multicultural diversity represented at the University.

Spectrum Center

  • 3200 Michigan Union

  • (734) 763-4186


  • [email protected]

  • The Spectrum Center provides a comprehensive range of education, information and advocacy services. The Office works to maintain an open, safe and inclusive environment for students and the campus community. LGBTA programs and resources include a campus-wide Speakers Bureau, educational workshops about LGBT issues and the Jim Toy Library of LGBT resources.

General Counsel

  • 5010 Fleming Bldg., 503 Thompson Street

  • (734) 764-0304


  • [email protected]

  • The University of Michigan General Counsel strives to provide timely and responsible legal advice about the broad array of legal issues that face a modern, public, research University. They address existing and potential legal matters in order to help the University achieve its mission. Where appropriate, they provide strong, vigorous, and reasoned legal advocacy. They also coordinate and supervise all legal services for the University of Michigan, ensuring that they meet the highest standards for our community.

Department of Public Safety (DPS)

  • 1239 Kipke Drive

  • (734) 763-3434

  • [email protected] or [email protected]

  • The University of Michigan Police Department (UMPD) is a full service law enforcement agency. UMPD Police Officers are licensed by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) and have the authority and responsibility to investigate, search, arrest and use reasonable force as necessary to protect persons and property and to enforce the laws of the State of Michigan and the Ordinance of the Regents of the University of Michigan. UMPD also employs Parking Enforcement Officers and Communications Officers.

Facilities and Plant Operations

  • (734) 763-5075

  • [email protected]


  • Our skilled crafts-persons and mechanics service everything – whether it’s an electric outlet or thermostat in your office, an overhead lighting system, a 1200-ton centrifugal chiller service multiple buildings, or the maintenance service necessary to support a consistently rated “top 10” medical center. All of their efforts are focused on maintaining the functional integrity of the physical plant and to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you – the students, faculty, staff, and guests of the University.