Campus Involvement

Diag / Grove Reservation Process

Getting Started


Before Completing the Application:

  • Applicants must be Authorized Signers of a recognized student organization and/or be affiliated with a University department.

  • A University Shortcode will be required for all organizations in the request. Although the Diag is free of charge, this will be used in case of damages or other approved charges.

  • If you are requesting Electricity, Amplification or any other Diag Services, the estimated fees will be communicated to you prior to the event. At that point there will be a ‘hold’ placed on your SOAS funds until the actual charges are processed after the event. If you are in need of a receipt, please request one with the application.

  • The Central Campus Diag Calendar -OR- North Campus Gerstacker Grove Calendar can be helpful when reserving/planning events.

  • Once all of these things have been completed please fill out the Diag Application.

  • DO NOT assume your event has been approved until you receive a confirmation in writing.


Availability & Appropriate Use:

The Diags are available on a first-come, first-served basis up to 12 months in advance. It takes time to coordinate use of the space.  The more time you allow, the better.  To check current availability of specific dates please visit: Central Campus Diag Calendar -OR- North Campus Gerstacker Grove Calendar. Availability is subject to change based on pending applications. See Approval Timeline [link to step 3] for more information.

Students, staff and faculty may distribute pamphlets, flyers, etc., without obtaining a permit, as long as no equipment (i.e., tables, chairs, carts, boxes, or other objects) are placed on the property, and they do not interfere with other authorized activity on the Diags. Unauthorized or disruptive parties may result in intervention from the Department of Public Safety. 

Only recognized student organizations and university departments with valid University accounts (i.e. shortcodes) are eligible to reserve the Diags. All events on the Diags must be open to all and be free of charge. No sales of any sort are allowed. All individuals interested in reserving the Diag spaces must submit the Diag Reservation Application.


Campus Impact Considerations:

When planning for events in these spaces we would like people to reflect on how they plan to impact the community. Please reflect on the following questions before planning your event:

  • Have you reflected on how the event logistics impact the campus?

  • How do you expect the event content to impact the campus?

  • How will you foster conversations that encourage learning and connections?

  • Have you thought about ways to de-escalate conversations?

  • What is your plan to support your organization members sharing content that can often be draining?


Diag Event Planning Resources

The Center for Campus Involvement will be a resource to you throughout your event. However, if you are looking for support for events we hope you find the following resources valuable. 


Now that you are familiar with what the Grove and Diag are and how they are used by student groups and departments, let’s go over specific policies you must adhere to if you plan to hold an event in these spaces.

Proceed to Step 2: Policies for Diags Use