Annual Student Organization Registration Process

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Registration FAQs

What is registration? Registration is the process that keeps your organization’s details up to date and recognized by the Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) and Student Organization Account Service (SOAS).

What does registration entail? Registration involves four steps:

  1. Maize Pages registration (including renewing your constitution every other year)
  2. Authorized Signer Management
  3. Org Essentials
  4. SOAS and CCI Approval

My org registered last year. Do we have to register again? Yes! Each organization must register every year.

When do I have to be registered? If your organization plans to participate at Festifall, you must complete all steps of registration by July 31; registration is required to participate in Festifall. Visit our Festifall page for more details.

All organizations must be registered by September 30. Organziations not registered by this date will be frozen.

Registration Timeline:

  • March 1: Registration for the next school year OPENS
  • July 31: Registration must be COMPLETE for student organizations wishing to participate in Festifall
  • September 30: Registration deadline

How long does the registration take? Once you've completed all the steps of registration, your registration still must be approved by CCI and SOAS. This can take between 5-14 business days, so please prepare accordingly.

What happens if I don’t meet the deadline? Your organization will be “Frozen.” You won’t be recognized by CCI and you won’t have access to your student organization account through SOAS until you complete the registration process.

Who should I talk to if I have questions about registration? The Organization Peer Advisors (OPAs) are here to help! Drop into the IdeaHub in the Michigan Union, or contact us at

How do I know if I've already completed registration? If we have already approved/denied your application, you should have received an email from Maize Pages with that message, so the first step is to check your inbox! Additionally, you can check on your organization's Maize Pages profile to see if we've processed your registration application. Check out the video below to see how to find that section.


1. Maize Pages Registration

  • Log into Maize Pages
  • Select the "Organizations" tab
  • Click "Register an Organization" on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Click the blue "Re-Register" button next to the relevant organization under "Re-Register Existing"

You may also access your organization's registration by navigating to your organization's Maize Pages site.

Video Maize Pages Walkthrough:


If you missed the re-registration deadline and your student org is now in "frozen" status, you can still access the registration application through your organization's Maize Pages site. You will need to be added to the organization's roster either by a previous leader or a CCI staff person. View the video above to learn more or email for additional support.


Every other year, your organization is required to renew and update your constitution to be approved by the Center for Campus Involvement. This year, constitutions will be required for organizations with names starting with the letters M-Z, symbols, or numbers. When you complete the registration form, you will upload an updated copy of your constitution as well.

Please refer to the mock constitution provided by the Center for Campus Involvement as an example. You can also utilize this fillable constitution if you need to start fresh!

Note about constitution content requirement change: Organizations must remove the verbiage “unless permitted by university policy for gender-specific organizations” from the non-discrimination clause. Organizations are free to remove the entire non-discrimination clause from their constitution if they so desire, but the above verbiage must be removed. 

Please be aware that this is a change to the wording of the statement only, and does not alter the University/CCI’s commitment to equity and inclusion in student organization operations.

Your organization can update your constitution even if it’s not required of you this year! Organizations with names starting with the letters A-L can submit updated constitutions HERE.

2. Authorized Signer Nomination & Management

Each year, you must nominate at least 3 members of your organization to be Authorized Signers. This is done on your SOAS Dashboard and takes place after your registration has been approved in Maize Pages. Each of those new signers will have to accept their nominations from the email they receive from SOAS and complete Org Essentials training on Canvas.

This year's Authorized Signers will remain active until an organization completes re-registration and designates new Authorized Signers, or until the September 30 deadline, whichever occurs first.

Want to learn more? Understanding Signer Management

3. Org Essentials

Organization Essentials is required training for all Authorized Signers within an organization designed to share basic knowledge on student organization policies and procedures on campus.

The training consists of four focus areas which include Leadership, Policies, Finance, and Meeting/Events. Organization Essentials is offered online through Canvas. All Authorized Signers must complete this training as part of the registration process for student organizations.

Failure to have all Authorized Signers complete the training before the September 30 registration deadline will result in your organization becoming frozen.

Click here to learn more about Org Essentials.

4. SOAS + CCI Approval

You will be notified of approval from SOAS (for authorized signer management) and CCI (for Maize Pages/Constitutions). Registration is reviewed on a rolling basis. From registration submission to approval is at least a two-week process.

5. Now What?

Check out our Guidebook for Student Organizations for policies, procedures and resources for all student groups!


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