Benefits Inherent in Sponsorship

SSOs have access to a number of University resources. The benefits listed in the previous table are those that the University makes available to SSOs by virtue of their sponsored status. Sponsoring units should review these benefits and be familiar with the ways in which their units would process each request. For instance, they should consider their procedures for receiving charitable gifts or for getting contracts approved. It is important to understand the sponsoring unit’s procedures because the SSO will follow the same process to access those benefits.

The sponsoring unit should stay apprised of how the SSO is using available resources in order to help the SSO maximize benefits and to ensure that the SSO is following University policy.

Please note that while the University guarantees access to the benefits, it does not guarantee the benefits themselves. For example, the SSO has the ability to have the University enter contracts on the SSO’s behalf. This does not mean the University will sign every contract presented.