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Held multiple times throughout the year, fests are an opportunity for campus organizations and university departments to recruit members and showcase what they have to offer to the greater student community. 

In the summer, student organizations have an opportunity to sign up to hold a virtual zoom session for summer orientation attendees. 

In the fall, we host Festifall on both Central and North campuses.

In early Winter, we welcome everyone to an indoor location for Winterfest.

All of our fests are highly attended and have limited space. Please make sure to read all of the policies, procedures, and dates to ensure you don't miss out on this great opportunity!


Festifall Information for Vendors

Vendors are invited to join us for our largest outdoor fest all year at the University of Michigan. Come join nearly 600 University organizations and departments and an estimated 8,000 event attendees to promote and share information on all your organization has to offer! Click here to learn more about how to apply for space at Festifall for Vendors!

Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation Fair is a great opportunity for student organizations to connect with incoming first-year students, and to get a head start on recruiting members for the upcoming Fall semester!

Student Organization sign-ups for Summer Orientation Fair 2023 are OPEN!

Rules and Policies

All organizations, departments, and vendors that participate in our Fests agree to a set standard of rules. These are consistent among all of the Fests, no matter which time of year you participate. Please be sure to understand the policies fully prior to participating in any Fests sponsored by the Center for Campus Involvement.

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Registration Dates

Festifall: Register by July 31

Winterfest: Register by September 30

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