Campus Involvement

Held multiple times throughout the year, fests are an opportunity for campus organizations and university departments to recruit members and showcase what they have to offer to the greater student community. 

In the summer, student organizations table on the first night of Summer Orientation for our first-year students to get to know about the groups on campus. 

In the fall, we have Festifall on Central campus and Northfest on North campus during the first week of classes. 

In early January, we welcome everyone to an indoor location for Winterfest.

All of our fests are highly attended and have limited space. Please make sure to read all of the policies, procedures, and dates to ensure you don't miss out on this great opportunity!

Applications for Festifall & Northfest open on April 1st, 2020. Application processes differ by affiliation. Click on your organization’s affiliation below to see key dates, restrictions, and application requirements that apply to you:

Escapade Org Fair

Escapade is a Welcome Week event held every year. This year, escapade will take place in the Michigan League. One component of Escapade is the student organization fair.  This fair is the first fair of the Welcome Week festivities, and student organizations can participate in this fair FREE of charge.

 Please note:

Tables in ballroom

Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation Fair is held on the first night of each of our orientation sessions. This fair is an opportunity to connect with our students before they even officially arrive on campus free of charge! Sign Ups are first come first serve.

Rules and Policies

All organizations and departments that participate in our Fests agree to a set standard of rules. These are consistent among all of the Fests, no matter which time of year you participate. Please be sure to understand the policies fully prior to participating in any Fests sponsored by the Center for Campus Involvement.

Registration Dates

Summer Orientation: Early May

Escapade Organization Fair: Late Summer

Festifall Student Organization: April 1st

Festifall Campus Department: April 15th

Northfest Student Organization: April 1st

Northfest Campus Department: April 15th

Northfest & Festifall Student Org Fees Deadline: Sept 4th

Winterfest Organization: November 1st

Winterfest Department: November 15th

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