Student Organizations Basics


Basic Requirements

Naming Your Organization

Changing Your Organization's Name

Organization Advisors

University Sponsorship

Basic Requirements

  • Each organization must begin with 10 current UM student members. This will be verified through Maize Pages, so organizations must have these 10 members listed on under the “Roster” section of the organization's Maize Pages account. As the organization continues to grow, UM students need to continue to hold a majority of membership (51%).
  • Each organization must have a constitution which is uploaded to Maize Pages and approved by the Center for Campus Involvement.  Please refer to Center for Campus Involvement's mock constitution as an example.
  • Training is required annually for registered student organizations. For more information, please continue to the Student Organization Essentials page.
  • If your organization is unable to meet the minimum 10 member policy, please review the Student Organization Ten Member Policy Exception Statement and contact the Center for Campus Involvement.

Naming Your Organization

The University of Michigan has created a Student Organization Naming Policy in order to prevent an organization's name from creating a misleading affiliation to the university. This policy outlines restrictions placed on voluntary student organizations (VSOs) that include using “University of Michigan,” UM, U-M, U of M, UMICH, or any other trademarked phrase at the beginning of their name including social media, email addresses, and URLs. However, organizations are permitted to use "at the University of Michigan" at the end of the organization's name.

Go to - Student Organization Naming Policy

Creating your Student Organization's Logo

When creating your logo organizations also have various rules and regulations around the use of University trademarks.  VSOs and SSOs both have a relationship to the Unviersity, and each organization type has its own guidelines for proper brand usage. 

Go to - Copyrights and Trademarks Policy

Changing Your Organization's Name

In order to change the name of a student organization, an authorized signer must fill out an “Organization Name Change Form.”  

Steps to complete:

  1. Print and have your authorized signers sign the Name Change Form
  2. Complete the Name Change Form on Maize Pages.
    • You will need to upload the signed Name Change Form. This is so Center for Campus Involvement is able to verify Authorized Signers signatures.
    • You will need to upload a new constitution that reflects your new organization's name.

Please Note: In order to change your organization's name the organization must be registered under its existing name for the current academic year.

Go to -  Student Organization Name Change Form

Organization Advisors

While we believe that students should conduct the business of their own organization(s), faculty and staff advisors can assist student organizations in many ways. As the leadership of an organization changes almost every year, an advisor can provide a framework for student leaders and organization members for various matters, including university policies and procedures, administrative tasks for student organizations, what they can expect for the year, and more.

Sponsored Student Organizations (SSO) are required to have an advisor.

Please also refer to the following link:

Go to - Advisor Guidebook

University Sponsorship  (Sponsored Student Organization Status)

University sponsorship is intended to create a relationship between University units and student organizations, with the goal of further supporting these student organizations.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be registered as a student organization with the Center for Campus Involvement.
  • Student Organization Sponsorship Agreements must be completed annually as part of registration.
  • Have missions that are consistent with the University's mission and the goals and objectives of the sponsoring unit.
  • Maintain an SOAS account or University account for all funds.
  • Have a Sponsored Student Organization Agreement signed by an Executive Officer, Dean, or Director of a major programmatic or operational unit.
  • Establish and maintain a close relationship with the Sponsoring Unit.
  • The Sponsoring Unit must provide the organization with an advisor.
  • Because of the University's status as a governmental entity and a tax-exempt charitable organization, certain student organizations are not eligible for sponsored status. Organizations that are not eligible for sponsored status are:
    • Religious organizations.
    • Political or partisan organizations.
    • Local chapters or affiliates of other incorporated organizations.

Open - Event Sponsorship Proposal Overview (PDF)

Open - Sponsor Student Organization Agreement (PDF)