An estimated 10,000 students, staff, faculty, and community members enter the Michigan Union every day for lunch, dinner, meetings, or studying. You can advertise for your Michigan Union event on a large banner space in front of this popular campus building.

The Michigan Union banner is available for one week at a time. Student organizations and university departments can rent the Michigan Union banner space to advertise for their events in the Michigan Union; the space is not available to unaffiliated businesses or individuals. All SORC and U-M eligibility and content requirements apply. Click here to see a list of the current status for the semester.

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Union banner: Deadlines & Placement


Union banners go up and come down on Monday evenings unless weather conditions prohibit safe placement. Completed banners must be brought to SORC before 7.45 PM on the Sunday before they are scheduled to go up (hours vary in Summer and during semester breaks and holidays).


Ventilation slits must be cut and the banner must be completely dry prior to submission.

Union banner example

Union banner: Construction

Learn more about the specs for the Union banner, about hiring a professional sign company, and be advised of the expense of a 24-foot banner.

Union banner: Availability

The use of the large banner space in front of the Michigan Union is determined by applicaton and, if needed, a random drawing or coin toss, during the academic year.  Reservations are generally first come, first serve in the summer months.  After the application and/or drawing, the space is available by request on the dates for which it is not taken by other groups.