Your contract is your bill for SORC services. Some contracts are completed in person; others are completed after you submit an online request for SORC services.

Submitting a request constitutes a financial obligation.  Once received, the SORC Student Manager will send you a confirmation of charges within two business days; the Cancellation policy below is then in effect.   

Contracts for advertising services will be canceled if not finalized within 2 business days.

Methods of Payment

SORC is cashless as of January 2020. Payment for advertising space rental may be made by transfer of funds from a university account. 

Account Transfer: Purchase orders are not necessary and are not accepted; SORC bills your shortcode directly. Student organization accounts (SOAS) must be in good standing and only authorized signers may finalize contracts.

If you need to buy materials, you may not take them with you until the authorized signer for your organizations has confirmed the purchase (whether with a signature or email authorization) and it has been verified with SOAS.

Check: Arrangements must be made in advance for payment by check, and will not necessarily be approved. Student organization purchases must be made by SOAS transfer. If funding comes from an outside source, deposit the funds in your SOAS account prior to visiting SORC. When accepted, checks must have the full name and address of the party imprinted on them (no starter checks) and must be payable to "Student Organization Resource Center."

Credit Cards: SORC does not accept credit cards.


Once a contract is signed by both the organization representative and SORC representative (or agreed upon electronically), it is considered final. Contracts are deposited at the end of each SORC business day, thus initiating the process by which student organization accounts and department shortcodes are billed. Requests for cancellations beyond the end of the business day are subject to the following cancellation/refund policy.

Refunds for canceled services will be given the following scale, based on how far in advance of the submission deadline (not the reservation start date) cancellation requests are submitted:

      22 or more days ahead                    75% refund
      15-21 days                                          50%
      8-14 days                                             25%
      0 to 7 days                                           0%

All cancellations are subject to management approval and must be sent in writing (via email) to  Student Clerks at SORC are not authorized to accept cancellations. Cancellations will not be granted under circumstances in which the advertiser fails to meet his obligations. Refunds will generally be granted via credit toward future SORC services. When necessary, a journal entry will be processed to return funds to your shortcode.