Advertising Services Overview

Overview of SORC services

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC, pronounced "source") provides campus advertising resources and services.


WHAT there is to reserve

The SORC offers 5 different advertising services.  Click any link below to learn more about each service.


WHO can reserve

  • Only University of Michigan departments and registered student organizations are eligible to reserve SORC advertising services.
    • Click to read more about general Eligibility & Content requirements.
      • Exception: Diag boards are offered to parents and family members of graduating seniors in late April (the last 2 weeks leading up to Commencement). For more information about the Grad Board program, email us.
    • Student organizations must be registered for the current academic year on Maize Pages and must have at least 3 confirmed SOAS authorized signers to reserve SORC services.  
  • Any member of a student organization may request spaces; an authorized signer must verify the charges and approve the contract.
  • Any representative of a department may request spaces; a full-time staff member of the department with authority to use departmental funds must verify the charges and approve the contract.
  • SORC exists to provide advertising services for student organizations. Departments are welcome to use these services, but we take some measures to help ensure equitable access for student organizations, which are often at a disadvantage with budget, timing, and access/awareness: 
    • Each college, school, or department counts as one "organization." Each organization is limited on the number of requests they can submit. For example, there is a limit of 2 sets of bus signs per organization per week. This means that the College of Engineering may reserve up to 2 spaces. Ross School of Business may reserve up to 2 spaces. Smaller colleges like the School of Information and School for the Environment and Sustainability may also reserve up to 2 spaces. The population/size of the college/school is irrelevant.
    • We designate 15% of all Bus Sign space for student organizations. (Note: we reserve the right to increase to 20% if demand for space from student organizations suggests it).
    • The first Diag board appointments are designated for student organizations, drawn randomly. 
    • The first Banner Pole appointments are designated for student organizations, drawn randomly. 
    • There are currently no such measures in place for Digital Advertising. The space is not finite like physical space on buses, so we can always accommodate more digital ads (within reason).
      • The Center for Campus Involvement provides opportunities for student organizations to earn a week or more of free Digital Advertising each year.
    • One Table Tent space (this is 25%, since there are 4 spaces available each week) is designated for student organizations. 


WHEN to reserve

There are three reservation periods per year:  Fall, Winter, and Summer.  

  • The Fall reservation period opens annually in mid-Summer. 
  • The Winter reservation period opens annually in November. 
  • The Summer reservation period opens annually in April. 
  • You can join SORC's e-mail listserve to receive timely announcements, and you might want to put a reminder in your calendar to check back later.


WHERE to Reserve

SORC is open 10AM-6PM weekdays during the school year. Hours vary from mid-May through mid-August.

  • Some SORC advertising services must be done face-to-face (whether in person or via video call); others can be completed via an an online submission/request. See "How to Reserve" for a detailed list.
  • Ultimately, all materials must be submitted to SORC for placement, so although you can complete space reservations online, you or a representative will need to visit SORC in person to submit your materials (exception: digital ads).
  • CAUTION: If you have a printer deliver materials for your group, they must deliver them directly to SORC during our regular business hours. We cannot take responsibility for items left in mail rooms or other offices. As an advertiser, it is your responsibility to make sure that the materials are submitted directly to SORC before the deadline.

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) is located on the 3rd Mezzanine level of the Michigan Union.


HOW to Reserve

  • Some services can be reserved electronically; other require a video call appointment or in-person appointment. 
  • To learn more about each of these services, click on the embedded links, or click on the "Advertising Services" menu at the top of this web page and choose the service you're interested in.
    • Bus Sign Space  is requested via an online space request, which is verified via email.
    • Diag Boards are reserved via Zoom appointment unless you request an in-person appointment.
    • Diag Banners are reserved via Zoom appointment unless you request an in-person appointment.
    • Digital Advertising is requested via an online space request, which is verified via email.
    • Table Tents are requested via an online space request, which is verified via email.
  • When you sign a contract with SORC, you are reserving the space. SORC does not print materials for you. You must arrange for printing, at your group's expense. Here are some guidelines for construction as well as local printing options for each type of service:
  • Once printed, you or a representative must submit the materials to SORC before the deadline, and we put them up for you. You may not place materials yourself.



  • SORC services are high in demand. Doing reservations on a first-come, first-serve basis isn't logistically feasible with this many spaces available. It also is not fair to whatever group ends up at the back of the line.
  • If we didn't schedule appointment times, you would wait a very long time to speak to someone who can help you reserve spaces.
  • SORC is a student-driven organization. Its work force consists of 14-16 Michigan students and one full-time staff member. We write contracts with nearly 200 different clients at the start of each semester; each client can reserve up to 5 different services. We spread out the work over the course of several days so these student employees don't burn out.
  • Completing reservations via appointment times instead of on a walk-in, first-come first-serve basis does the following:
    • maximizes the fairness of access to limited campus advertising resources.
    • minimizes the amount of wait time; most advertisers complete their Diag board and/or Banner Pole reservations within 15-20 minutes.
    • allows you to do as much as possible from the convenience of your computer.
    • Read more about the reservation process and its history here



If this is your first experience reserving advertising services, the process can be a little daunting, but we can help you!  

  • SORC is open from 10AM-6PM weekdays during the academic year (hours are reduced during summer; closed during academic breaks).
    • We are located in Room 3410 (here's how to find the 3rd Mezzanine). 
    • You can email us or call 734-764-0436.
    • This conversation could take up to 15 minutes, so we kindly request that you reach out at least 30 minutes before we close.
  • SORC staff is available by video call appointment as well. Email [email protected] to schedule a time to chat!