Recognition Balloon Order Delivery Prices

Delivery fees for Recognition Balloons (single bouquet, single recipient)

Note: common destinations on and around campus are included below. We can't include all addresses, but this list and the corresponding photo give you an idea of delivery fees.

Balloon Prices

Basic information about SORC Balloon Service

Our purpose is to serve the University of Michigan community. We welcome requests from outside the University, but we may not always be able to accommodate them.


Block M balloon

Balloon Colors

We stock a wide variety of balloon colors. Take a look before you order! Choose between mylar stars, pearl tones, neon tones, fashion tones, standard, multicolored, Michigan Pride styles and more. The transcent, florescent, opaque and opalescent options are sure to make your favorite Wolverine smile! 

array of balloons

Helium Rental

SORC does not offer helium tank rental. There is a global shortage of helium. Furthermore, it can be dangerous to use compressed gases without experience and training.

Yellow balloon with block M