Table Tents

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Thousands of students, staff, and faculty enter University Unions buildings every single day for lunch, dinner, meetings, or studying. Now you can advertise for your organization's events and programs on the dining tables in three University Unions: the Michigan Union, Michigan League, and Pierpont Commons. Student organizations and university departments can rent Table Tents; they are not available to unaffiliated businesses or individuals.

When can I reserve Table Tents?

Table tents are available for one week at a time from early September until mid April. Because of high demand, a random drawing is conducted each semester for the use of the space.

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Tables with ads on them in the Union building

Table Tents: Terms of Contract


Terms of your Table Tent Reservation Contract 

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) agrees to render services as stated on the contract; the Advertiser agrees to pay for services as stated on the contract and abide by the following terms.

Payment and Cancellation

Table Tents: Request Space

How you request this space depends entirely on when you visit this page.

  • If the application window is currently "open," submit the application here.  
  • Click here to see the Standings page to see if there is a space available; if not, you can find instructions there on how to get on the wait list.

What is the reservation process, and when does the application window open?  Click here

Table Tents: Locations

Table Tents are placed on approximately 150 tables in popular seating areas throughout University Unions:

  • Michigan League (40):  Seating areas in the Underground and First floor
  • Pierpont Commons (40): Seating areas on the Main Level and Lower Level
  • Michigan Union (70): Seating areas on the Ground, First, and Second floors

Table Tents: Availability

Availability / How It Works


Table Tents are awarded by an application and random draw. After the random draw, unused spaces are available on a by-request basis. Scroll down to the tables below to see week-by-week availability.

Table Tents: Deadlines & Placement

Organizations must provide 150 4x6 inch table tents by Thursday at 2PM for Sunday morning placement. Our staff needs time to load all 600 (4 groups x 150 ads) into vinyl sleeves for placement by our student drivers on Sunday. If, for example, your table tents are scheduled to go up on Sunday the 14th, they must be submitted by Thursday the 11th at 2PM. Deadlines are earlier during academic breaks (Fall break, Spring break) and holiday weekends (Thanksgiving).

Table Tents: Construction

Table Tent ads must be 4X6 inches or less. Ads that are wider than 4 inches or taller than 6 inches will not fit into the acrylic holders. Only one side of the paper will show, so please submit single-sided ads.

Card stock is recommended; it slides into the acrylic sign holders a little more easily than regular stock paper.

Quantity needed:  150


Professional Printing

Past SORC customers have shared success stories with us these manufacturers.  Bear in mind that there are many options.