Bus signs are a remarkably effective way to convey your message to the ever-growing number of campus commuters, including students, faculty and staff.

Advertisers may reserve advertising space on the blue campus buses on a week-by-week basis. The minimum reservation is one week; the maximum reservation is one semester. Advertisers create their designs, print and glue them to poster board, and submit them to SORC staff before the deadline, and SORC drivers place signs on up to 30 buses.

Reservation requests are taken online so that we may maintain a fair hierarchy. First-time users are strongly encouraged to read the entire contents of this page (specifically, the links in the right margin, starting with "Availability") before submitting the online request.

See Prices for Advertising Services

SORC accepts reservations one semester at a time.

  • Summer reservation period, which includes early May through August, typically opens in mid-April.  
  • Fall reservation period, which includes September through early January, opens in early July.
  • Winter reservation period, which includes early January through early May, opens the week after Thanksgiving.


Bus Signs: Prices

Bus Sign space is rented on a week-to-week basis by the linear inch. Thus, the space rental cost for an 8.5-inch bus sign is half the cost of space rental for a 17-inch bus sign.


Bus Sign rental prices 

The last increase to Bus Sign space rental prices was July 2022

Bus Signs: Terms of Contract

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) agrees to render services as stated on the contract; the Advertiser agrees to pay for services as stated on the contract and abide by the following terms.

Bus Signs: Request Space

Fall, Winter, and Summer are three separate booking periods;

  • Fall reservation period, which includes mid-September through mid-January, typically opens in early July.

  • Winter reservation period, which includes mid-January through early May, typically opens in late November.

  • Summer reservation period, which includes early May through mid-September, typically opens in mid-April.  

It is not possible to start a reservation in Fall and continue into Winter, nor start in the Winter period and continue into Summer, nor start in the Summer period and continue into Fall.  


students are riding blue bus

Bus Signs: Availability

SORC drivers place signs on up to 30 different buses every week for a per-inch rental rate.  This space fills up, so in order to guarantee that you will get space, you should think a semester ahead.

Bus Signs