Diag Boards

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Diag boards are plywood advertisement boards in over 70 different locations on campus. Despite their popular name, they are not limited to the Diag. Locations range from the Diag and the Arch to the Hill Area and North Campus. Student organizations and university departments can rent these spaces to advertise for their events; they are not available to unaffiliated businesses or individuals.

Advertisers may reserve Diag board locations on a week-by-week basis, year-round. The minimum reservation is one week; the maximum reservation is one semester. Diag board advertisements are generally placed on Monday evenings.  Advertisers create their designs, have the printed by a professional printer* and submit them to SORC staff before the deadline, and SORC drivers place canvases on the plywood boards. *Do-it-yourself is also an option. If you are on a tight budget but have creative people in your group, ask us about this!

Due to high demand for Diag boards, a random drawing is conducted each semester. Contact SORC staff for more information about this process or click here to get on the mailing list.

See Prices for all SORC Advertising Services

Reservation Periods

Each organization can reserve as many as 32 Diag board spaces per semester, not to exceed 2 spaces per week, during the initial round of reservations.  After first-round appointments have been completed, organizations may reserve more spaces if they are available.

There are three reservation periods each year:

  • The Fall period goes from late August through early January
  • The Winter period goes from early January through late April
  • The Summer period goes from early May through late August

Diag Boards: Prices

Diag board spaces are rented on a week-to-week basis.  There are over 60 Diag board locations all over campus; some locations are more visible than others, so there are four different price categories.  This is based on booking preference by previous SORC renters.  Click here to see a map of locations and their corresponding categories.

Diag Boards: Availability


Diag boards are effective and inexpensive, so they are very high in demand. There is a drawing at the beginning of each semester for first-round reservation appointments. SORC does not assign Diag board locations to specific groups; rather, each group is assigned an appointment time at random. A representative of your group chooses from the available locations at your appointment time. Earlier appointments have better selection of the "good" spaces. After first-round appointments, we accept reservations by request. 

Diag Boards: Terms of Contract

Terms of your Diag board reservation contract

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) agrees to render services as stated on the contract; the Advertiser agrees to pay for services as stated on the contract and abide by the following terms.


Payment and Cancellation

Diag Boards: Retrieving Your Ad

Retrieving Your Diag Board Canvas

Once SORC drivers have taken a Diag board down, it will be held at SORC for two weeks, during which you can pick it up. 

After two weeks, it becomes property of SORC and one of several things could happen:

Diag Boards: Request Space

How you request Diag board spaces depends on when you visit this page.

APPLICATIONS FOR WINTER ADVERTISING ARE OPEN! The deadline to apply for a first-round appointment is Monday, October 30th at 5PM. Click here to apply for a second-round appointment for Fall Advertising.

If an application period is currently OPEN, you will find the applications here:

Winter Advertising

General information about Winter Advertising 

  • The Winter reservation period opens the week after Thanksgiving.
  • For 2022, the Winter reservation period includes dates January 9 through May 8.




Diag Boards: Deadlines & Placement

Fall - Winter (academic year) Deadlines

Diag boards are due at SORC by 3:00 on the day the reservation begins (generally Mondays).

CAUTION: If you have a printer deliver materials for your group, they must deliver them directly to SORC during our regular business hours. We cannot take responsibility for items left in mail rooms or other offices. As an advertiser, it is your responsibility to make sure that the materials are submitted directly to SORC before the deadline.

Diag Boards: Construction

When you reserve a Diag board space from SORC, it is your organization's responsibility to submit materials for SORC to put in that space.  

You can either purchase Diag boards from a professional sign company or make them yourself. Diag boards must be printed or hand-drawn on vinyl or other weather-proof material; paper and lamination are not acceptable.  See below for further information. The size of the plywood onto which SORC student drivers staple the ads is 42" wide, 66" tall.

Diag Boards: Locations

Effectiveness of locations varies according to each group's needs. For example, if you are advertising for a weekly meeting in the Union, your need might be different than someone advertising for a concert at the MLB. But each location has 1-4 sides. SORC maps are numbered such that side "1" is best, "2" is next best, and so on. These numbers are based on historical preference. 

There are three classifications of Diag boards, based on location and orientation. Those spaces that are selected first during every reservation period have higher ratings.