There are 9 Banner Pole loations on the Diag, which are avaiable on a week-to-week basis. Student organizations and university departments can rent Diag Banner Poles to advertise for their events; they are not available to unaffiliated businesses or individuals. During "Lottery Week," advertisers complete a contract with SORC for up to four weeks per semester. SORC drivers place all banners; group members may not place banners themselves.

Advertisers may reserve Diag Banner Pole locations on a week-by-week basis during the academic year (month-by-month in summer). Advertisers create their designs on vinyl (or have them printed professionally) and submit them to SORC staff before the deadline, and SORC drivers place banners on the steel poles.

Due to high demand for Diag banners, a lottery is conducted each semester. Contact SORC staff for more information about the lottery or you can get on the mailing list.

See Prices for Advertising Services

Reservation Periods

Each organization can reserve as many as 4 banner spaces per reservation period, not to exceed 1 space per week. There are three reservation periods each year:

  • The Fall period goes from mid-September through mid-January
  • The Winter period goes from mid-January through early May
  • The Spring-Summer period goes from early May through mid-September

Tree Banners

Banners are not allowed in the trees on the Diag or anywhere on the University of Michigan grounds. It is dangerous to climb trees in order to hang a banner, not to mention harmful to the trees.

Diag Banner

Diag Banners: Terms of Contract

Terms of your Diag banner reservation contract

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) agrees to render services as stated on the contract; the Advertiser agrees to pay for services as stated on the contract and abide by the following terms.


Payment and Cancellation

Diag Banners: Retrieving Your Ad

Retrieving Your Diag Banner

Once SORC drivers have taken a banner down, it will be held at SORC for two weeks, during which you can pick it up. 

After two weeks, it becomes property of SORC and one of two things could happen:

Diag Banners: Request space

How you request Diag Banner spaces depends entirely on when you visit this page.

If a lottery is currently "open," you will find the lottery applications here:

Diag Banners: Fallen/Damaged

Although SORC drivers make periodic checks, reporting vandalism is your organization's responsibility. Drivers will make unscheduled repairs if a Diag banner is not readable, has fallen down, has been vandalized, or presents a safety hazard. 

As soon as you see it, inform SORC staff; we will respond accordingly.

Diag Banners: Content

All basic content requirements established by SORC apply, most importantly:

  • The name of the student organization or department must be visible on banners. Letters identifying this information must be at least 2" tall.

  • Multiple student organizations or department names may be included, but at a minimum, the name of the organization that reserved the space must appear.