Request and Reserve Fall Advertising Services


The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC, pronounced "source") provides campus advertising resources and services.

  • Below is information that is specific to the Fall reservation period (August 28 and beyond). Scroll down if you're interested in Summer reservations (now through August 28).
  • For more context about Who, What, Where, When, and How, visit this page. If you have never reserved SORC services before, the Who, What, Where, When, and How page will be very helpful to read before you apply.



Diag Boards & Banner Poles

  • Available dates for the Fall 2022 reservation period are August 28 through January 9.
  • If you are interested in reserving services for now through August 28, you can find more here.
  • There is an application process for Diag boards and Banners.
    • The application for first-round appointments closed on July 31.  Click here to see appointment times
    • Appointments will take place via Zoom the week of August 8-12. Plan for 30 minutes for Diag board appointments, 15 minutes for Banner Pole appointments.
    • To request a second-round appointment, submit this brief request form

Table Tents

  • Available dates for the Fall 2022 reservation period are September 5 through January 9.
  • The first-round request for this service closed on July 31. Results/availability will be posted soon.



Bus Signs and Digital Ads request forms opened on Wednesday, July 6 at 9AMFor these two services, there is no drawing or appointment. You submit the request and we complete your reservation electronically. We fulfill requests in the order in which they are received.

  • Bus Signs
    • Available dates for the Fall 2022 reservation period are August 28 through January 8.
    • There is no deadline for these requests per se, but the earlier you request the space, the better.
    • Space on the buses is finite; when it's full, the service is no longer available.
    • Many weeks fill up (some within 24 hours of the launch date); others do not. 
    • Request Fall Bus Sign space
  • Digital advertising
    • There is no deadline for these requests per se, but you should allow at least one week before your desired start date, especially if you have never used this service before.
    • Unlike Bus Signs, Digital Ad space isn't tightly limited. This means you don't have to plan as far ahead.
    • Request Digital Ad space 


Fall Advertising Timeline

The Fall reservation period begins in late August and ends in early January. What to expect:

  • June 17  Online applications to request a first-round appointment for Diag Boards or Diag Banner Poles.
  • July 6  Online requests for Bus Signs and Digital Ads.
  • July 31  Deadline to request an appointment for Diag boards or Banner Poles
  • July 31  Deadline to apply for Table Tents
  • August 3  Diag board and Banner appointment times will be announced and listed on SORC website  Click here to see appointment times
  • August 8-12  First-round Diag board and Banner appointments via Zoom Click here to see appointment times
  • August 12 late afternoon onward Second-round Diag board and Banner appointments via Zoom. Click here to request a second-round appointment
  • August 15  Confirmation/authorization of contract (including shortcode and authorized signature) for all first-round appointments due by 4PM.



Apply for a second-round Diag board/Banner appointment 

Get on the wait list for Table Tents 

Request Fall Bus Sign space

Request Digital Ad space