Fax Machine

Send or receive local, long-distance, or international faxes at SORC for a small fee.  You can also scan and email documents (no charge for scanning).

SORC does not accept credit cards or M-card for payment. CASH OR SHORTCODE ONLY

Fax Machine Outgoing Calls

  • Campus and local numbers $0.75 / page
  • Long distance numbers $1.00 / page
  • International $2.50 / page
  • Receive fax $0.50 / page

The cover page is free unless it is the only page.


Copy Machine

The SORC has a photocopy machine at a low cost per copy, with color paper and transparencies available for purchase and use in the machine. You can conveniently charge copies to your group's SOAS account. 

  • Black and white copies $0.10 / copy
  • 21-100 copies $0.08 / copy
  • 101 or more copies $0.06 / copy
  • Full color $0.30 / copy

SORC does not accept credit cards or M-card for payment. CASH OR SHORTCODE ONLY


Other Office Equipment

SORC also has several different types of office equipment and machines available for free on-site use. You can take most things out of SORC for use in your office (we will require your signature and an ID), but everything must stay in the building!

  • Paper cutter
  • Heavy-duty Hole Punch
  • Hammer
  • Tarp
  • Yardstick
  • Screwdrivers



  • Remember that the minimum transfer of funds is $5.00, so unless your fax is BIG, you will probably have to pay cash and get reimbursed later by your group.  SORC does not take credit cards.
  • We will hold faxes in a file at the SORC desk for pick up. It will be up to the sender of the fax to inform you that a fax is coming; SORC staff will not contact you.
  • (734) 615-2888 is a campus phone number, so if you need to fax something to The SORC from another campus number, simply dial the last five digits.