Commencement balloons

Commencement Weekend at the University of Michigan, specifically Wednesday through Saturday, is our busiest balloon period of the year.  SORC is staffed entirely by students; their academic commitments come first!  Student availability is very limited at this time, so these limits must be observed for all balloon requests:

  • The deadline to request balloon deliveries for Commencement week is Friday, April 19 at 6PM.
  • It is possible that we will reach capacity before then. We have a limited supply and limited human resources.

Other notes about Commencement orders:

  • We need a minimum 2-hour window for delivery on Friday, April 29. We have dozens of deliveries (over 1,000 balloons in a single day to over 30 different destinations on and off campus!) and cannot accommodate a small delivery window.
  • Someone must be present during the delivery window to accept the balloons. We cannot leave balloons unattended.
  • We must have your cell phone number in case we are running late or can't find you.
  • The latest available delivery time on Saturday, April 30 is 12PM.
  • We are not able to deliver balloons on Sunday, May 1.
  • We are not able to do balloon sculptures, Victors Centerpieces, arches, or any other complex arrangements.

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