A "set" of bus signs is 30 signs. When you place a reservation for a week of bus signs, the rental cost covers placement of up to 30 signs.

Height: The height of bus signs is dictated by the slots into which they fit. All signs must be mounted onto poster board that is exactly 11 inches tall. If your signs are not cut exactly 11 inches tall all the way across, drivers cannot place them.

Mounting: Bus signs must be glue-mounted on poster board of the proper thickness.  Rubber cement is recommended for mounting. SORC staff will mount a set of fliers on poster board for a $17.00-$20.00 fee (based upon the size of the signs). This includes the adhesive but not the poster board backing. STAPLES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Thickness: Bus signs must be of appropriate thickness. Pre-cut (recycled) bus signs are available for sale in two different sizes at SORC. SORC Clerks will not accept materials that are too thick or too thin.  If they are too thin, they fall down immediately.  If they are too thick, our drivers can't put them up.  Either way, it is a waste of your organization's money.

  • Free samples of poster board are available at SORC; printers sometimes refer to this as “railroad board.”  
  • Some types of poster board are too thick, especially Crescent brand. The name is usually printed on the back of each sheet. 
  • At significant expense, signs can be printed directly on a product of appropriate thickness by a professional printer.  Please inquire before doing this.
  • Some types of lamination are also acceptable, but get a sample at SORC before you proceed with lamination.
  • Cardstock is not thick enough.  Likewise, copy machines are generally not suitable for poster board. If you can run the paper through a copy machine, it's not thick enough!

Width: Although you may submit signs as small as 4 inches wide or as large as 17 inches wide; the most common sizes are 8.5 x 11" and 17 x 11". Due to limited space on the buses, we no longer accept reservations for signs larger than 17" wide (effective April 2012). Remember, too, that you are paying for the space rental by the inch. Wider signs cost more money.

NOTE: Bus signs are 11" tall, and oriented so that the 11" edges are vertical. Bus signage for sizes greater than 8.5 inches wide are in landscape, not portrait orientation. Please print your signs accordingly.