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Reservations for the Spring-Summer 2019 period (5/13/19 through 9/22/19) opened on Friday, 4/19/19.

Fall, Winter, and Spring-Summer are three separate booking periods; it is not possible to start a reservation in Fall and continue into Winter, nor start in the Winter period and continue into Spring-Summer, nor start in the Spring-Summer period and continue into Fall.  

See Prices for Advertising Services

A few things you should know if this is your first time using this advertising medium:

  • It is necessary to submit a separate request for each reservation.
    • If there are multiple start dates or multiple sets of signs, each of these is considered a separate order, and you must submit this form once for each.
    • If you want us to put up 60 signs, even if they are simply duplicates of the same ad, you will need to submit this request form twice.
    • There are three separate booking periods for SORC advertising (Fall, Winter, and Spring-Summer). It is not possible for signs to carry over from one booking period to the next.
  • If there is a substantial gap between reservations, you can retrieve at least some of the signs after we take them down.  But if not, you must be prepared to submit new printed signs for each reservation.  For example:
    • If you have a reservation from May 4 through June 1, and then another that starts July 27, and you want to use the same signs, you can stop in at SORC between June 1 and July 27 to retrieve as many signs as possible.  Our drivers are not able to retrieve all signs right away (different buses are at the garage each time they go) so you will need to visit SORC at least twice. 
    • We cannot guarantee that you will get any signs back. They fall down, get sold to other customers, etc.  The best way to get the most possible signs back is to visit SORC on the morning immediately following a new placement date.  During the school year, we place signs on Sundays; visit SORC on Mondays.  During the Spring-Summer, we place signs on Mondays; visit SORC on Tuesdays.
  • If a period is full, you cannot choose a date before and after that period and expect the signs to stay up for the duration. If, for example, you would like to reserve the period of 9/18 through 10/16, but the week of 10/2-10/9 is identified as "full," you would have to submit two separate reservation requests (one for 9/18-10/2 and another for 10/9-10/16) and produce two separate sets of printed bus signs.
  • Before submitting a request, it is important that you read and acknowledge the information on this page.  If you've never reserved bus signs before, please take a few minutes to read through each page on the right, starting with "Advertising Services: Billing." This might take you 10-15 minutes to read, but you are responsible for educating yourself about SORC policies.  If you prefer, visit SORC during regular business hours and our students can go over these policies with you in person.
  • There are over 40 buses in the fleet.  A "set" of bus signs is 30.  There will not be a sign on every bus in the fleet.  Additionally, if there are fewer than 30 buses at the garage when our drivers do their weekly placement route, our drivers double up to ensure that all of your signs are placed.  They put them at the front and back of the bus (not right next to each other) when this is necessary.  In these instances, some buses will have multiple copies of your sign, but this also means that fewer of the total number of buses will have your sign.
  • Submitting a request constitutes a financial obligation to SORC for the cost of the space.  Emailing a few days later to cancel will not necessarily guarantee a full refund.  Read SORC’s cancellation policy here.
  • Space rental is discounted 50% during the slow months, but the choice of start/end dates is limited.  Because of lower demand, SORC drivers only go to the buses once every 4 weeks, on Mondays.  Placement dates for 2019 are:
    • 5/13-6/10 (50% off)
    • 6/10-7/8 (50% off)
    • 7/8-8/5 (50% off)
    • 8/5-9/1 (50% off)
    • The weeks of 9/1-9/22 are regular price.  Those weeks are not eligible for the 25% longevity discount, even if a reservation started in the summer.

Request Bus Sign space for the SPRING-SUMMER reservation period (5/13/19 through 9/22/19)