Diag Banner Construction 

  • Banners submitted to SORC for placement on Diag poles must:
    • Be precisely 3 feet tall x 10 feet wide.
    • Have grommets in all four corners and at least one on the top and bottom edge (center).
    • Be printed on mesh or dye-sub fabric; paper is not acceptable.
      • For all reservations starting August 1, 2022, or later, vinyl banners will not be accepted. They are too heavy, and the weight and torque wreaks havoc on the cables and pulleys. We will no longer accept vinyl banners after August 2022. 
      • From now through August 1, 2022: If your banner is made of vinyl, it must have at least 8 ventilation slits cut into it before it is submitted to SORC.  SORC will not cut these slits for you, since the placement of them could affect your message.
  • 3-dimensional objects or banners that are significantly larger or smaller than 3x10 feet will not be accepted.
  • Advertisers may not, under any circumstances, hang banners on their own.

Design tips

  • Banners submitted to SORC for placement on Diag poles must be 3 feet tall x 10 feet wide. Design your banner in a space that is scaled to 3:10.
  • Successful advertisements are those that are colorful, eye-catching, and concise. Most people are on the go, and they do not have the time (or attention span) to read a lengthy advertisement.


Professionally Printed Banners

Past SORC customers have shared success stories with us these manufacturers.  Bear in mind that there are many options. 

  • Professionally printed banners cost anywhere from $200-300. 
    • Call around or check websites for quotes.  Some printers will give you a great deal if they are trying to use up the last of a roll of material.
    • Some printers offer design services as well.
    • Make sure you ask for mesh or dye-sub nylon fabric.  Please do not ask for a vinyl banner. Many printers will assume vinyl if you ask for a banner. As of August 2022, SORC will no longer accept vinyl banners.

University of Michigan Sign Shop

  • Mesh, dye-sub nylon fabric.
  • This is a U of M department so they can bill your shortcode directly.  In fact, shortcode is the only way to pay.
  • They will deliver it to SORC for you.
  • Dustin Gilbert,
  • Production time varies greatly by time of year.

Dollar Bill Copying

Fast Signs (3 miles from campus)  

  • 3510 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor
  • 734-677-1500
  • Delivery terms unknown