Diag Banners: Retrieving Your Ad

Retrieving Your Diag Banner

Once SORC drivers have taken a banner down, it will be held at SORC for two weeks, during which you can pick it up. 

After two weeks, it becomes property of SORC and one of two things could happen:

  1. If it is painted or damaged, it will likely be discarded:
  2. It could be recycled through a partnership with the Office of Campus Sustainability.  

We do our best to keep a record of all banners for as long as they are in SORC's possession. But please bear in mind that the volume of banners is immense (up to 10 every week, 50 weeks per year), and we have very limited storage space, so we cannot track them indefinitely. Sometimes we will not be able to tell you exactly what happened to your banner after the 2-week pickup period.

If we still have your Diag banner, you can always take it back for free, no matter how old.