Below are the minimum requirements for digital ads. Bear in mind that certain times of the year are high volume; please submit requests and artwork as early as possible in late August, early September, academic breaks, and during the transition between academic periods.

Deadline to submit request :  3 days before start

Deadline to submit artwork to be uploaded on the screens: 2 days before start

Digital ad artwork must be submitted via email at least 2 business days in advance. The person who completes a contract with you for the space rental is not usually the same person who uploads the ad. We need a little time to process your order. Please allow 3 days or more whenever possible.

Ads begin displaying at the stroke of midnight on the start date. Student Managers upload ads to a website that "pushes content" to all of the above screens. Student Managers are on duty every day that SORC is open, but not all hours of every day. Email the artwork at least 2 business days before it is scheduled to start showing, bearing in mind that SORC is closed on weekends and during academic breaks.  Ads must be formatted correctly and must meet all content requirements before this deadline, or placement may be delayed. These expectations were communicated to the person who requested the space.  Refunds are not granted for missed days of advertising due to delays caused by formatting mistakes or missed deadlines.

  • If scheduled to start on Monday, submit by 4:00PM  on Friday.
  • If scheduled to start on Tuesday, submit by 7:00PM  on Sunday.
  • If scheduled to start on Wednesday, submit by 7:00PM  on Monday.
  • If scheduled to start on Thursday, submit by 7:00PM  on Tuesday.
  • If scheduled to start on Friday, submit by 7:00PM  on on Wednesday.
  • If scheduled to start on Saturday or Sunday, submit by 7:00PM  on Thursday.

There is no late fee for digital ads submitted late, but no refunds are granted for missed days of advertising.