a computer screen

Digital advertising screens are a remarkably effective way to convey your message in full color to thousands of passers-by in the Michigan League, Pierpont Commons, Palmer Commons, and several Campus Computing Sites.

SORC is now accepting reservation requests for Digital Ads for the Spring-Summer and Fall reservation periods.  You may request advertising space for run dates between now and 1/30/20.  Unlike many other SORC services, it is ok to start a digital ad at the end of one reservation period and continue it into the next.  

Requests for the Winter 2020 reservation period, late January through mid-May, will open the week after Thanksgiving.

Advertisers may reserve advertising space on over 20 digital screens around campus on a day-by-day basis.

A few things you should know if this is your first time using this advertising medium:

  • The minimum reservation is three days; the maximum reservation is one semester. Advertisers create their designs, save them as a .jpg file, and submit them to SORC staff before the deadline, and SORC Managers upload the artwork.
  • Reservation requests are accepted only online so that we may maintain a fair hierarchy.
  • First-time users are strongly encouraged to read all "Digital Ads" pages to educate themselves.
  • We offer deep discounts from May through August; however, the dates of 9/1-9/22 are regular price.  Those weeks are not eligible for the 25% longevity discount, even if a reservation started in the summer and ran for more than 12 weeks.

Request Digital Ad Space Now!