Table Tent ads must be 4X6 inches or less. Ads that are wider than 4 inches or taller than 6 inches will not fit into the acrylic holders. Only one side of the paper will show, so please submit single-sided ads.

Card stock is recommended; it slides into the acrylic sign holders a little more easily than regular stock paper.

Quantity needed:  150


Professional Printing

Past SORC customers have shared success stories with us these manufacturers.  Bear in mind that there are many options. 


Dollar Bill Copying




Do it yourself!

You can cut down an 8.5 X 11" piece of paper into quarter sheets. You can produce 150 table tents this way for pennies, but the ads are 4.25 inches wide, and they will not fit. (8.5 inches divided by 2 = 4.25 inches). If you choose to do this, cut 1/2-inch off the edge first, and then they'll work. Cut as accurately as possible (straight angles and corners). The SORC has a precision paper cutter for your convenience. Cut only 3-4 sheets at a time; thicker stacks dull the blade and cause the ads to be out-of-square. The extra five minutes it takes is worth it.


UU Custodial staff members are advised not to disturb table tents, but SORC does not assume responsibility for the guests of the Michigan Union. (The sign holders tend to get moved around a bit throughout the course of the week).