Table Tents: Deadlines & Placement

Organizations must provide 150 4x6 inch table tents by Thursday at 2PM for Sunday morning placement. Our staff needs time to load all 600 (4 groups x 150 ads) into vinyl sleeves for placement by our student drivers on Sunday. If, for example, your table tents are scheduled to go up on Sunday the 14th, they must be submitted by Thursday the 11th at 2PM. Deadlines are earlier during academic breaks (Fall break, Spring break) and holiday weekends (Thanksgiving).

CAUTION: If you have a printer deliver materials for your group, they must deliver them directly to SORC during our regular business hours. We cannot take responsibility for items left in mail rooms or other offices. As an advertiser, it is your responsibility to make sure that the materials are submitted directly to SORC before the deadline.

Student drivers will place table tents only on Sunday mornings. Unlike Diag boards and Banner Poles, there is no "follow up" route later in the week for table tents. Advertising areas include:

  • Michigan League: Underground, Maizie's
  • Pierpont Commons: Ahmo's seating area, Piano Lounge, Atrium, Recreation/TV space by convenience store, Fireside Cafe
  • Palmer Commons:  Fields Cafe
  • Michigan Union : Seating areas on Ground, First, and Second floors

SORC is responsible for inserting about 600 table tent advertisements every week. This requires a several hours and three different drivers, so this route is only completed once a week. If you miss the deadline, you miss the opportunity for your ads to be placed.

U.U. Custodial employees are advised not to disturb table tents, but SORC does not assume responsibility for table tents that are damaged or discarded before the reservation expires. Table tent inserts will be returned to SORC and held for 2 weeks if you wish to reuse them or pick them up.