The SORC offers many employment opportunities for University of Michigan students. All of these positions allow students to gain practical experience in a customer service environment.  We also have a lot of fun!!!

As of September 2021, we are accepting applications for a Fall 2021 start date for the following positions:

  • Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO)

We are accepting applications for a Winter 2021 start date for the following positions:

  • Clerk
  • Dual appointment Clerk/Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO)

Whether we are actively interviewing for positions or not, we will always accept applications, keeping them on file for one year and contacting you for an interview if there is an opening.  



Entry level job descriptions:

Clerk C

We typically hire and train new clerks only once per year, in early Fall. We will conduct interviews on an ongoing basis until all positions are filled.

This position is the foundation of the services that the SORC provides. It fosters invaluable customer service and problem solving skills that you will use in almost every job in the future. Clerks perform the following tasks during their shifts:

  • Write contracts for SORC services and materials
  • Inflate and assemble balloon bouquets
  • Provide publicity consultation
  • Answer phone calls and emails
  • Refer customers to appropriate university resources
  • Assist guests with copies and faxes
  • Monitor inventory
  • Assist student organizations with table/chair rental for outdoors
  • Process materials submitted by customers for posting by MVOs (see description below).


  • Excellent written communication skills are crucial, as face-to-face contact with other staff members is minimal.
  • Clerks must be willing to do unexpected tasks as delegated by the managers.
  • A passion for neatness and organization is essential. 

Everyone who works at SORC starts as a Clerk.  Regardless of whether you take on additional duties for additional pay (SBC, MVO, Student Manager), you are always a Clerk.

$12.00 per hour


Motor Vehicle Operator (MVO)

If you are a good problem solver, think on your feet, and enjoy working outdoors, the MVO job might be for you! MVOs perform the following tasks during their shifts:

  • Drive a university vehicle with a team of up to 4 other MVOs who:
    • Deliver balloon bouquets on and off campus
    • Staple canvas advertisements onto plywood boards
    • Attach and hoist banners onto steel poles
    • Place bus signs on university buses (must be done on Sundays)
  • (Occasionally) lift and repair 6 x 4-foot plywood Diag boards.


  • A valid driver license, knowledge of Michigan traffic laws (whether licensed in Michigan or not), and excellent driving record are required.
  • MVOs must have very good communication skills and be willing to cooperate with the managers on unexpected tasks.
  • MVO work is generally evening and weekend work, with the exception of balloon deliveries (we deliver as needed, 7 days a week, almost any time of day; a driver is recruited based on his/her availability outside of classes).
  • MVOs must be willing to work in inclement weather.

This is a dual appointment with Clerk C; anyone hired for this position will roughly split their time between Clerk C duties and MVO duties.

$12.00 per hour


Opportunities for undergraduate advancement beyond entry level:

Student Balloon Coordinator (SBC)


Work includes coordination of balloon orders during one's clerical hours, both for events and individual recognition. Requires completion of balloon orders during hours when SORC is not open, often early mornings and weekends. The SBC will have a supervisory role over clerks assisting with balloon orders. The SBC is also responsible for rotation of stock and regular inventory of balloon supplies. At least one semester of experience as a Clerk C is desired. This is a dual appointment with Clerk C. 

$12.50 per hour


Student Manager


Work includes providing administrative services during hours when the Supervisor is not on duty, including follow-up on contracts, preparation of a nightly deposit, inventory management, filing,  update of training resources, training of new employees, data entry, and some scheduling of staff. Most of this work is done while performing clerical duties during SORC hours. The Student Manager will have a supervisory role over Clerks when the Supervisor is off duty, and will be sometimes expected to receive personal calls and texts to help Clerks. The Student Manager will also be required to fill in as an MVO or SBC if needed. At least one year of experience as a Clerk C is required, plus at least one semester as an SBC or MVO.

$13.50 per hour


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