Bus Sign space is rented on a week-to-week basis by the linear inch. Thus, the space rental cost for an 8.5-inch bus sign is half the cost of space rental for a 17-inch bus sign.


Bus Sign rental prices as of 7/1/22

The last increase to Bus Sign space rental prices was July 2018

Bus Sign space rental (weekly) Student Organizations Departments
Set of 30 signs, first week (per linear inch) $  2.50 $  4.00
Additional weeks (per linear inch) $  2.00 $  3.00


Bus sign space rental price examples  Student Organizations Departments
One week, 8.5x11" signs $  21.25 $  34.00
One week, 17x11" signs $  42.50 $  68.00
Three weeks, 8.5x11" signs $  55.25 $  85.00
Three weeks, 17x11" signs $  110.50 $  170.00

Bus signs must be the correct height, width, and thickness.  You are responsible for learning about printing options and submitting signs that meet SORC Construction requirements.

If you are unable to print bus signs on media that is sufficiently thick, you may purchase poster board and rubber cement at SORC and glue the paper onto the poster board.  This takes approximately 30 minutes. SORC does not do this for you.

Bus sign size Cost of poster board at SORC (30 pieces)
8.5 x 11" $7.50
17 x 11" $15.00





Longevity Discounts 

6 weeks or more 10%; the same set of signs must stay up continuously
12 weeks or more 25%; the same set of signs must stay up continuously