Diag Boards: Content

All basic content requirements established by SORC apply, most importantly:

  • The full name of the student organization or department must be visible on all Diag boards. Letters identifying this information must be at least 2" tall. Acronyms do not fulfill this requirement.
  • Multiple student organizations or department names may be included, but at a minimum, the name of the organization that reserved the space must appear. 
  • Contact information for the organization that reserves the space must be included. Contact information may include a phone number, street address, e-mail address, and website, but must include at least one of these things. Letters identifying this information must be at least 2" tall.
    • Acceptable: website, phone, email, or physical address
    • Welcome but do not fulfill the contact info requirement on their own: Social media, QR code 
  • Your organization must not violate any of the trademark or logo usage policies established by the Vice President of Communications / Brand Manager.
  • Student organizations must not violate the naming policies established by the Center for Campus Involvement.

Hint: Successful advertisements are those that are colorful, eye-catching, and concise. Most people are on the go, and they do not have the time (or attention span) to read a lengthy advertisement. Stick to the basics: Who, What, When, and Where.


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