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Availability / How It Works

Table Tents are awarded by an application and random draw. After the random draw, unused spaces are available on a by-request basis. There are a lot of spaces available for Winter 2022. Scroll down to the tables below to see week-by-week availability.

  • There is a random drawing for the use of Table Tents, but there is not an appointment like Diag boards or Diag banner poles; groups either win one of the four available spaces, or they are wait-listed.
    • Immediately after the drawing is conducted, the top 4 organizations in each table are identified as the winners for that week.
    • Other groups are listed in the order in which they were randomly drawn (wait listed).
    • If a winning organization does not claim its space by completing a contract by the designated deadline, the first group on the wait list is given the opportunity to rent the space. They'll have about 2-3 days to decide, and so on.
    • Groups in italics are in a decision making spot, meaning that they are eligible to reserve the space but have a deadline by which to do so.
    • Once a group has accepted and paid for its space, failed to respond, or declined, their line is bold and the opportunity has passed.  
      • If interested, those groups will have to get on the wait list again, at the bottom.
    • It is not uncommon for a group near the bottom of the wait list to actually end up reserving the space.
  • This limit is waived for the Winter 2022 reservation period due to low demand, but it will be reinstated if and when demand returns to original levels:  SORC offers services to over 1,500 student organizations and dozens of UM departments. We strive for fair, equitable access to all. To that end, each organization may not use table tents more than twice per semester. If your group has the good fortune of being chosen as a winner of more than two weeks, you must choose only two. If, however, the wait list for a particular week is exhausted and no one wishes to reserve the space for that week, groups may use more than 2 weeks per semester.
  • Winners are responsible for the space rental fee ($50 per week for student organizations; $100 per week for departments) plus the purchase price of the table tent inserts at the printer or copy center of your choice. Table tent inserts must be cut to size before submitting to SORC for placement.
  • Learn more about Table Tents (construction, content, and deadlines).


Standings for the Winter 2022 Reservation period


HINT:  On your PC, hold down "CTRL" and touch "F" to search for all references to your group name.  On a Mac, hold down "Command" and touch "F" to do the same thing

If you are listed as a winner below, here's what to do:

  • To reserve a space via email, the organization's authorized signer must send a message to the SORC Supervisor and include the following:
    • I wish to reserve Table Tent space on behalf of (organization name) for (dates).
    • My phone number is:  xxx-xxx-xxxx.
    • My shortcode is (number), and I am the authorized signer for my organization.
    • A brief description of my ads is: (for example, "promoting concert" or "mass meeting" or "general promotion").
    • I acknowledge a charge of $50 (student orgs) or $100 (departments) per week for the table tent space rental. 
    • I acknowledge the construction and content guidelines for SORC Table Tents and will submit materials that follow these guidelines.
  • To reserve a space in person, you will need to make an appointment.  Email or call 734-764-0436 to set this up.



Applicants for the week of 3/20-3/27 Status
Michigan Telefund Confirmed 12/20.
Semester in Detroit Declined (chose a different week).
Museum of Natural History Confirmed 12/17. Canceled 2/22.
UM Sustainable Food Program Confirmed 2/9.
Conference & Events Services Confirmed 2/11.



Applicants for the week of 3/27-4/3 Status
UM Sustainable Food Program Confirmed 2/9.
Conference & Events Services Confirmed 2/11.
Acts2 Fellowship Pending contract, 3/23.




Applicants for the week of 4/3-4/10 Status
Conference & Events Services Confirmed, 2/11.
Museum of Natural History Confirmed, 2/23.
Planet Blue Student Leaders / Student Life Sustainability Pending contract, 3/23.




Applicants for the week of 4/10-4/17 Status
Museum of Natural History Confirmed, 2/23.