Terms of your Table Tent Reservation Contract 

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) agrees to render services as stated on the contract; the Advertiser agrees to pay for services as stated on the contract and abide by the following terms.

Payment and Cancellation

  • Cancellations must be arranged with the Manager in writing (email is best), addressed to Include in your request:
    • Group name
    • Contract number
    • Exact dates that you'd like to cancel
    • SOAS/departmental shortcode
  • SORC Student clerks cannot grant refunds. Manager review and approval is required. 
  • Refunds will be issued as a credit toward future SORC services or shortcode credit via journal entry according to the following scale: 
If you cancel your reservation 0 to 7 days before the start date 0% refund
If you cancel your reservation 8-14 days before the start date 25% refund
If you cancel your reservation 15-21 days before the start date 50% refund
If you cancel your reservation 22 days or more before the start date 75% refund


Submitting Your Table Tents for Placement

  • Advertisers are responsible for reading and abiding by and content guidelines for this service and submitting the materials. See below for details.
  • SORC drivers place table tents for you; advertisers may not place table tents themselves. 
  • All materials must be submitted prior to the deadline for placement. 
  • Table Tents are due at SORC by 2PM on Thursday, so our staff has time to pre-load them into vinyl sleeves so that our drivers can place them on Sunday.
    • NOTE:  Deadlines vary greatly during holidays and breaks.
  • If you submit table tents that are too large, we will not be able to place them. You will not be eligible for a refund if you submit signs that are the wrong size and SORC is not able to accommodate them.

Construction and Content Requirements


  • Quantity: 150
  • Table Tents must meet construction and size requirements before submission. If you have never used the Table service before, allow extra time. 
  • The sign holders into which we place table tent inserts are 4x6". Table tent paper inserts can be smaller than this, but not larger.
    • Note: if you cut a regular 8.5x11" piece of paper into quarters, they are a little too wide. You must cut 1/2 inch off the side margin before cutting into quarter sheets.
    • Regular paper is ok, but card stock is recommended.
    • Lamination is not necessary.
    • You can find the full construction guidelines here.


  • The advertiser is responsible for submitting materials that comply with SORC and University of Michigan content requirements. For more information, visit SORC Eligibility & Content  page and  Some, but not all, of those criteria are listed here:
    • The organization’s full name and contact information must appear on all table tents in letters at least 1/4” tall in order to be large enough to be read from a normal viewing distance. 
    • Voluntary Student Organizations (VSO) may not use university marks, including the Block M, split Block M, or “University of Michigan,” “U of M,” or “U-M” preceding the name. 
      University departments and Sponsored Student Organization (SSO) must meet University of Michigan specifications for use of Michigan trademarks, and may not alter the Block M or any other university trademark. 
    • If your organization is an SSO, it is your responsibility to provide written or online verification of departmental sponsorship before table tents bearing University trademarks are submitted to SORC for placement.  
    • If someone from your organization submits table tent paper inserts that do not meet content or other requirements, your group is not eligible for a refund or dismissal of late fees to produce new signs that meet the requirements. 


Vandalism/SORC failure

  • SORC is not responsible for table tents that are lost, damaged, vandalized, or removed without authorization. 
  • Michigan Union custodial staff are advised to leave table tents alone, but we can't be responsible for what the many guests of the Michigan Union do.
  • Advertiser is not eligible for a refund or credit for lost advertising exposure if the Advertiser fails to follow the guidlines or fails to submit the materials on time.
  • If weather, staffing, facility or equipment circumstances prohibit the posting of table tents, SORC reserves the right to post the signs at a later date (as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours).
  • If SORC fails to place your table tents, you are eligible for either a 100% refund of space rental or a future week for no charge (as available).


After Table Tents Come Down

SORC will hold onto Table Tents for 2 weeks after they come down. SORC does not sort them, so they will be mixed in with other organizations' ads. Please allow 15-20 minutes to sort your TTs from the others. Any TTs that are unclaimed as of 2 weeks after the reservation end date will be recycled.


If you have any questions about table tents that are not addressed here, email us. Thank you!