Terms of your Table Tent Reservation Contract 

The Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) agrees to render services as stated on the contract; the Advertiser agrees to pay for services as stated on the contract and abide by the following terms.

Payment and Cancellation

  • Cancellations must be arranged with the Manager in writing (email is best), addressed to Include in your request:
    • Group name
    • Contract number
    • Exact dates that you'd like to cancel
    • SOAS/departmental shortcode
  • SORC Student clerks cannot grant refunds without Manager consultation. 
  • Refunds will be issued as a credit toward future SORC services or shortcode credit via journal entry according to the following scale: 
If you cancel your reservation 0 to 7 days before the start date 0% refund
If you cancel your reservation 8-14 days before the start date 25% refund
If you cancel your reservation 15-21 days before the start date 50% refund
If you cancel your reservation 22 days or more before the start date 75% refund


Submitting Your Table Tents for Placement

  • Advertisers are responsible for reading and abiding by and content guidelines for this service and submitting the materials.  See below for details.
  • SORC drivers place table tents for you; advertisers may place table tents themselves under special circumstances. You must make these arrangements with a SORC manager so that you don't place your signs over another group's signs. We need to give you a list of which signs should be left in place.
  • All materials must be submitted prior to the deadline for placement. 
  • Table Tents are due at SORC by the end of business on the last business day before they go up (generally, they go up on Sunday morning, so they are due by 6PM on Friday).
  • NOTE:  Deadlines vary greatly during holidays and breaks.
  • If you submit table tents that are too large, we will attempt to accommodate them, but it may not be possible to do so. You will not be eligible for a refund if you submit signs that are the wrong size and SORC is not able to accommodate them.
  • Separate reservations necessitate new materials, unless you have the good fortune of winning two consecutive weeks. If, for example, your group wins one of the spaces on 10/3-10/10 and again on 10/17-10/24 (a gap in between), you will need to submit a set of inserts for 10/3, and later a new set of inserts for 10/17.

Construction and Content Requirements


  • Table Tents must meet construction and size requirements before submission. If you have never used the Table service before, allow extra time. 
  • The sign holders into which we place table tent inserts are 4x6". Table tent paper inserts can be smaller than this, but not larger.
    • Note: if you cut a regular 8.5x11" piece of paper into quarters, they are a little too wide. You must cut 1/2 inch off the side margin before cutting into quarter sheets.
    • Regular paper is ok, but card stock is highly recommended.
    • Lamination is acceptable (but expensive and unnecessary).
    • You can find the full construction guidelines here.


  • The advertiser is responsible for submitting materials that comply with SORC and University of Michigan content requirements. For more information, visit SORC Eligibility & Content  page and  Some, but not all, of those criteria are listed here:
    • Voluntary Student Organizations (VSO) may not use university marks, including the Block M, split Block M, or “University of Michigan,” “U of M,” or “U-M” preceding the name. 
      University departments and Sponsored Student Organization (SSO) must meet University of Michigan specifications for use of Michigan trademarks, and may not alter the Block M or any other university trademark. 
    • If your organization is an SSO, it is your responsibility to provide written or online verification of departmental sponsorship before table tents bearing University trademarks are submitted to SORC for placement.  
    • If someone from your organization submits table tent paper inserts that do not meet content or other requirements, your group is not eligible for a refund or dismissal of late fees to produce new signs that meet the requirements. 
    • The organization’s full name and contact information must appear on all table tents in letters at least 1/4” tall in order to be large enough to be read from a normal viewing distance. 


Vandalism/SORC failure

  • SORC is not responsible for table tents that are lost, damaged, vandalized, or removed without authorization. 
  • Michigan Union custodial staff are advised to leave table tents alone, but we can't be responsible for what the many guests of the Michigan Union do.
  • Advertiser is not eligible for a refund or credit for lost advertising exposure if the Advertiser fails to follow the guidlines or fails to submit the materials on time.
  • If weather, staffing, facility or equipment circumstances prohibit the posting of table tents, SORC reserves the right to post the signs at a later date (as soon as possible, generally within 24 hours).
  • If SORC fails to place your table tents, you are eligible for either a 100% refund of space rental or a future week for no charge (as available).


After Table Tents Come Down

NO LONGER APPLICABLE:  Table Tent paper inserts are not kept; they are immediately recycled. However, you may reclaim your own table tents if you like by visiting all placement locations and pulling the paper inserts out of the acrylic sign holders. Do so anytime before 10AM on the Sunday that your reservation ends.

NEW POLICY 9/2019:  SORC will hold onto Table Tents for 2 weeks after they come down. SORC does not sort them, so they will be mixed in with other organizations' ads. Please allow 15-20 minutes to sort your TTs from the others. Any TTs that are unclaimed as of 2 weeks after the reservation end date will be recycled.


If you have any questions about table tents that are not addressed here, email us. Thank you!